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The Property Visa for Spain, commonly referred to as the ‘Golden Visa’ or ‘Investor Visa,’ presents a unique opportunity for foreign investors to secure residency by investing a minimum of five hundred thousand euros in Spanish real estate. This innovative visa programme enables individuals to not only obtain residency in Spain but also grants them the freedom to travel throughout the European Union.

Upon the signing of this new legislation by the King of Spain, non-European Union investors who meet the minimum investment threshold—without relying on financing—can legally reside in Spain. This investment can be directed towards residential property, commercial property, or land, and it opens the door to legal residence in Spain and unrestricted travel within the 26-country Schengen zone.

Applicants have the flexibility to fulfil the qualifying investment by acquiring multiple properties, either as private individuals or through corporate entities, provided they meet specific criteria. The versatility of property use, whether for personal or commercial purposes, is a notable feature, allowing property owners to rent their properties without restrictive requirements.

For potential property investors, the initial step involves applying for a visa that permits a 12-month residency in Spain. During this period, there is no mandatory minimum stay requirement, as long as the investor can demonstrate at least one visit to Spain. After the completion of the initial year, investors can apply for a residency permit, allowing them to reside in Spain for two years. This permit is renewable for additional two-year intervals, contingent on maintaining the €500,000 investment.

The renewal of the two-year residency has no predefined limit, and after a continuous residence of five years, investors become eligible to apply for an unlimited residence permit. Furthermore, after a decade of residing in Spain, individuals may apply for Spanish nationality, provided they fulfil other criteria, including a minimum of 183 days of residency per year.

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