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follow A house that looks sunlight or, conversely, fleeing from them. It sounds like utopia but a reality already. The idea has been put on the market Sunhouse360º company, based in Marbella, which has launched this project just a fact -of month ago, just presented at the Third International Meeting Contract Andalusia recently held in Seville after two years of research .

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follow Malaga result of the work of José Carlos Moya and his partner, Bertrand Coue, smart house Sunhouse360º achieved, according to its creators, a saving of up to 70% in energy consumption compared to a conventional home thanks to its ability to twist, building systems used, as well as sustainable and bioclimatic design conception, so also saves on electricity tariff for hot water thanks to two flat solar collectors with high performance that counts.


männer kennenlernen sport Although there are already some similar proposals on the market, some of which can even be seen in the province of Malaga, Moya emphasizes that this Malaga factory is a pioneer in Europe, among other things, for its four modes of rotation, which have a nuance “since hedonistic let you choose where to look.” Thus, Sunhouse360º is able to adapt to the optimum orientation to minimize the energy demand of housing in each situation and specific case and even individually, since it is possible to target any dorm room. The rotation system works smoothly in the range between -20 and +40. In the event that such temperatures give, the security system will automatically deactivate the rotation, which is powered by two fuel-efficient engines.

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System of rotation: The housing rotates on its own axis in any direction without limit of turns. It is powered by two fuel-efficient engines that rotate with a maximum of 15 minutes per lap.
Energy saving: Thanks to its rotation system, the construction of facilities and systems and the quality of building materials used, Sunhouse360º is able to reduce carbeono dioxide emissions up to 68% and consumption in kWh / year by 70%.
The automation control also allows you to select “which reaches the room temperature” according Moya, who notes that their target audience, at least initially, will be Europe or zones “with a temperate climate.” “In the market there are some similar projects, but ours is innovative decides the rotation according to the position of the sun,” says the Malaga architect, who after being in a studio for nearly two decades embarked on this company does more a year with his partner in the Marbella town of San Pedro de Alcantara.

conocer mujer en valencia Thus, besides the manual mode, the house has other forms of preset operation. In the maximum energy saving, housing rotates automatically adjusting its position at all times allowing getting more or less solar gain. Another option offers the possibility that a concrete follow the sun’s path stay allowing direct sunlight all day and a third shape that allows a specific guide to the different pre-set milestones landscape room. Custom House The house, with wooden and metal structure, has an interior of 251 square meters and 237 meters of built area covered outdoor spaces. The price of the standard model is 3,000 euros per square meter, so the housing built 251 meters costs 753,000 euros excluding VAT and interior decoration.

rencontre a wicker park mixturevideo In addition to counseling, you can also select the outward appearance, since the customer the possibility to choose between monochromatic or two-color facade panels as well as between different shades offered.