Selection of the finest top 50 golf courses in Marbella

Amazing Marbella providing a bespoke golf service to businesses wishing to use the great game of golf to promote their products and image. Whatever the type or size of event, our expertise and experience in arranging golf events, coupled with our CONNECTIONS with the professional golf world, major golf venues and product suppliers, means that Amazing Marbella can create, organise, manage and, ultimately, make a success of your golf event. Amazing Marbella start by fully understanding the desired end result. Whether it’s an informal 4-ball for senior executives of a company needing some time away, to a major event for a sales convention, product launch or image promotion, what is to be achieved is the key to what is to be included in, or excluded from, the event. The Costa del Sol in Marbella is known as The Costa del Golf

There are over 90 golf curses on the Costa del Sol and golfing resorts located in Andalucia, of which around 60 are located on the Costa del Sol, four of which are ranked in the top 10 in Europe. Some of the most prestigious courses located along this famous stretch of coastline include the highly rated Valderrama Golf Club, the San Roque Golf Club, La Reserva and Los Naranjos. Moreover perfect climate does the rest. With over 300 days of sunshine, playing golf can be enjoyed year round.