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blog rencontre 78 Zavala & Moscoso Zavala & Moscoso is a multidisciplinary firm that offers services in a different manner. Right from the beginning we have firmly believed in the fidelity towards our clients and in excellence, as a method of working. We strive to identify your interests and to offer a more down to earth point of view of our profession. In Zavala & Moscoso we have learnt that all improvement processes are based on a positive attitude towards a change: a great way to confront a long journey of constant improvement. Because we really appreciate your trust in us.

rencontre canada france Our Clients: The interests and needs of our clients are our main priority.
Our vocation is to establish quality long-term relationships and a
full understanding with our clients, giving them the professional services they need.

the original source Our Professionals : Highly qualified, skilled, independent and bilingual with a full commitment with the results.

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Our professional lawyers provide legal advice in a wide range of areas, always maintaining a close relation with the client.

– Family: family property planning. Securities portfolio optimization.
– Inheritance: Inheritance organisation. Inheritor’s complaints, death duties, acceptation and inheritance adjudication.
– Assets Management: Family group structuring.

Real Estate:
– Town Planning and purchase planning.
– Contracts: International Operations. Real estate operations; purchases,
leasing and management of real estate assets

– Companies: writing and the execution of agreements with Public Administration.
– Financial, banking and stock markets: structured financing operations.
– Share issues and public offers on financial instruments.
– Collective investments institutions.
– Legal regime and regulation.
– Loan, value and insurance companies.
– Merges and purchases. Fiscal Services

Our professional tax advisors offer an effective tax planning, maintaining a direct contact at all times with our clients. We cover the following areas:

– Large investments and personal tax planning.
– International tax planning with international and overseas investment.
– Taxation procedures and risk analysis.
– Tax advice
– Incidents with regulation changes
– Business planning
– Corporate Tax
– Fiscal Consolidation
– Merges and purchases
– Fiscal Auditing
– Large Assets and Family companies
– VAT, Taxes and customs
– Income Tax
– Other Taxes
– International tax planning

dormitorios modernos para mujeres solteras Business Management

Being able to concentrate on the tasks that are more productive for your business, putting the most boring formalities in second place is just one of the advantages of working with our Business Management Department.

It represents conveniences that are directly translated into a greater profitability for our clients, not only in economic terms, but also because it makes it possible for them to spend more time on the tasks that really bring value to their business.

Our practical and decisive approach has allowed us to become one of the most profitable alternatives, and one of the options that represents the greatest guarantee.

Some of our services:

Administration, Finance and Accounting
Tax Compliance
Interim Staffing
Payroll Management and HR Administration
Expat Services
Translation Services

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Talking about Corporate services and Corporate finance is talking about new ways to understand the business market, services that range from providing alternative solutions to finance problems and promoting the creation of new business chances.

Our commitment is established from the moment we sit with you to listen to your situation, helping you to define your objectives and sharing your strategic vision, to assist you to reach your goals with the best results.

Some of our services:

– Mergers & Acquisitions.
– Company Constitutions.
– Liquidations.
– Asset Management.
– Sale and purchase of Assets.
– Sale of Companies.
– Industrial Partner Search.
– Strategic Alliances.
– Value Creation Schemes.
– Financial Partner Search.
– Consulting in data proteccion.
– Market research.
– Consulting with regards to AML (anti money laundering)